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Bill's SuperGas

Bill's SuperGas

Bill Gallant has operated the Service Center at the busy corner of Tampa Rd. and Hwy 19 for ten years. Certainly the location has something to do with the bustling business but the speedy attention, friendly atmosphere and degree of customer satisfaction are the factors that keep people coming back. The motto "More Than Just A Gas Station is important to all Employees from supervising mechanic, Kevin Gallant, to the ten or eleven other mechanics and workers to the cashier.

About five years ago Bill added a second Center to his business. Located at the corner of Alternate 19 and Nebraska Avenue, this larger facility caters to customers with the same friendly attention and courtesy that are Bill's trademarks.

Bill believes that an education is an important element in finding the best car care. He put this theory to the test with his Free Recorded Message, which you can listen to by calling 1-866-403-2077. On this consumer hotline, a pleasant female voice offers advice about care maintenance, choosing a repair shop, assessing price quotes and gives seven questions you should ask before having work done on your car. Call this toll free number and have your pen and paper ready to make some notes before your car needs attention.

Bill grew up in Massachusetts and developed an interest in auto mechanics early in his life. He advanced his skills during his five years in the Navy where he worked as an aircraft mechanic. He met Marie while in the Navy and they married after he left the service.

Discussing job satisfaction was easy for this personable man. First, is the innate instinct to take care of automotive problems. He also enjoys getting to know people and helping them. He likes the flexibility of his schedule and the fact that no two days are alike.

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