Dear Bill:

My Family and I have recently relocated from New York State. When I needed work on my Honda Civic, I asked my father, a customer of yours, for a referral. I used your services on several occasions, and most recently had extensive repairs done. I was most pleased with the professionalism of your employees, the quality of the work, and the fact that the work was completed on time, as promised. I look forward to a long and satisfying relationship with you.


Truly yours,
Carolyn Sperber

We made it to Bear Lake, Michigan for our summer vacation, THANKS to Bill's Chevron. They replaced the engine in our 1987 Buick and went above and beyond to provide superior service at an affordable cost. Bill Gallant and his staff of excellent mechanics gave that extra effort to assure a great outcome in
spite of numerous obstacles. 

It's nice to deal with an honest business,


Jim & Kathy Wilson
Palm Harbor, FL

Dear Sir or Madam:

It is important to me to send this note to you advising you about one of your operators, Bill Gallant of Bill's SuperGas in Palm Harbor. From the enclosed copy of a letter to Bill, you will see that he came to my aid earlier this week when I was on vacation and at the mercy of my rental car.

Without repeating the contents of his letter, I wanted you to know what a TRUE professional Bill and his staff are from Noel who worked on my car with Bill through my experience with his cashier, a most friendly gentleman. They took care of my needs immediately minimizing my lost vacation time.

I have passed his card on to the daughter of a friend who is a student at the University of Tampa, so she has a professional, reliable and honest service center should she ever be in need of one.

I know very little about gas stations and suppliers, but if Bill ever wanted to open more stations, I can tell you, you and the SuperGas name can be very proud of being his supplier.

Many folks write letters of complaint, but this is a most enjoyable one for me to send.


Marilyn D. Coolidge

Bill's Cheveron

The best way to show ones appreciation of the way that I was treated by your staff is to say, "Thank You". I have gone to different garages and never received the attention your people gace to me. No run arounds, no false promises, they diagnosed the problem and made the necessary repairs and most of all you guarantee the work.


Thank you,
John C. Jelm


My name is George Dargoltz and I frequent your establishment for propane and gas, I have never needed your mechanic service since I do mostly my own work on my cars. This time, I screwed up and stripped a spark plug hole in my block and needed expert help to re-thread. I stopped by and dealt with Jamie, your customer service person to get the problem fixed,,,,,Well here it comes. I thought when I spoke to him in the afternoon about the status, he said that the problem was fixed and the damage was $35 plus tax,,,I almost fell of my chair!!!! I don’t have to tell you the reputation that some service stations have created for your industry.

Well I came and picked up my truck and Jamie tells me that I am a very lucky person,, It seems that originally Dennis, your mechanic, estimated the job at about $375 because of the R/R work he would have to do to be able to get to the plug hole to do the proper job, (this was closer to the figure that I expected when I had called Jamie to get the status of the truck because the configuration of the engine was so tight), well it seems that they put their heads together and with there combined experience came up with a more cost saving solution for me that did not take away from doing the right job..In fact Dennis suggested that I take my truck to the dealer because of a rough running engine that I had asked them to look into, since it was probably still under warranty, again no charge incurred to me.

I just wanted you to know that I was very pleased with the service and I commend both Jamie for his excellent customer service skill and Dennis for job well done.

They have set straight the notion in me to distrust Service Station Scams and am most happy in writing this letter of recommendation to you on their behalf. By the way,,the rough running engine problem is gone,,,must have been a bad plug.

It's great to know that there are still honest business men out there and you will see more of me if I need EXCELLENT CAR CARE SERVICE.

-Gregory Dargoltz